How to Play

Hi Lo Mania is a very simple, but challenging and addicting card game.

General Gameplay:
  • When gameplay starts, the dealer will shuffle the deck and deal you five playing cards. The first card is revealed to you. The other four are dealt face down.
  • After reviewing the first card, you will need to determine if the rank of the next card on the table is higher or lower. Pretty simple, huh?
  • Click on the appropriate button to make your choice. 
  • If you are correct, you will receive 100 points, and the next card will be revealed. Game play continues as such.
  • If your answer is incorrect, you will lose 100 points and also you will be deducted one "change card" (see below). The current card will disappear and the card that would have been next is revealed. This will now be your current card.
Change Cards:
  • In the lower left hand corner of the screen you are presented with three "change cards".  These cards allow you to swap out your current card for another randomly selected card from the deck at anytime before making a "higher" or "lower" choice. When all of the change cards are used, or removed (wrong answers will also remove 1 change card) the game is over.
  • If you choose to change your current card by using one of the "change cards", you will not lose any points, however you will then have one less change card, meaning one less chance to make a wrong guess.
  • For each 5 levels you complete, your three change cards will be replaced. You can only have a maximum of 3 change cards at any one time. You will also receive 100 bonus points for each change card that you have left each time you complete five rounds. Use those cards wisely to rack up the points!
Additional Information
  • Make sure you register with Villo and log in to have your username display in our leaderboards.
  • Leaderboards will show the top players for the month, and also the top players of all time.
  • Use the "Options" selection in the application menu to change the game board background color or choose from other deck colors.

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