QuickQueue FAQ's

Why is this app so cool?
It can't help itself.

How can I tell if a movie is available in Blu-ray format?
If a movie is available in Blu-ray format, you will see the "Blu-ray" icon on the movie details screen. Just click on movie in the list to see additional information. If you have Blu-ray set up as your preferred format, the movie will automatically be added in Blu-ray format if it is available.

How can I access the new releases?
The public API that Netflix provides does not yet include this information. If they decide to release it, QuickQueue will be updated to take advantage of this feature.

Help! I am getting a Javascript error when trying to authenticate.
Try logging into the Official Netflix website using the browser on your phone. Once you have, try to authenticate through QuickQueue again and this issue should be resolved.

For additional support, please send an email to Thank you.

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